Operations Research (OR) Methods for Advanced Mathematical Modelling
Ozlem Defterli, Department of Mathematics, Cankaya University, Turkey
E-mail: defterli@cankaya.edu.tr
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber, Institute of Applied Mathematics, METU, Ankara, Turkey 
E-mail: gweber@metu.edu.tr 
Armin Fügenschuh, Helmut Schmidt University, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Hamburg, Germany
E-mail: fuegenschuh@hsu-hh.de
Ayşe Özmen, Institute of Applied Mathematics, METU, Ankara, Turkey 
E-mail: ayseozmen19@gmail.com

The Special Session invites researchers to share and publish their studies about the new developments in the area of operations research embedded into the new techniques for a better mathematical modelling of real-world problems appearing in various fields of science and engineering. The applications can diverse from all branches of computational or applied mathematics to the major areas of applied sciences as well as the technical and engineering applications.