Vortex beams and their use in optical links


Yangjian Cai, Soochow University, Suzhou, China.

E-Mail: yangjiancai@suda.edu.cn


Recently vortex beams have attracted a lot of attention due to their important applications in optical communication, particle trapping, optical tweezers, super-solution imaging and quantum information processing. In this context, it is possible to encounter the widespread investigations of their irradiance, scintillation and modulation properties during propagation in turbulent atmosphere. Particularly, in optical communication links, the integration of the electrical message signal into the topological charge or the associated angular momentum of vortex beams is proposed as a serious alternative to simple intensity or phase modulations. In this sense, it becomes important to examine the different ways of generating vortex beams as well as the measurement of vortex phase. 

In this special session, we intend to bring together the experts working on the topic of vortex beams, with the emphasis being on their scintillation and probability of error performances, when they are used in optical links. It is foreseen that the papers of this special session will propose and discuss the improvements that are to be achieved in optical links by modulating the topological charge or the angular momentum of vortex beams.